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How are Glucerna products used?
Glucerna products are specifically designed to help manage blood sugar, when used as meal or snack replacements. For example, Glucerna shakes can be used in place of skipped meals or to replace poor food choices. Glucerna shakes have also been used as meal or partial meal replacements to support a weight loss plan.

For individuals who need extra calories and protein—such as those with or at risk of malnutrition—Glucerna shakes can be used to supplement their diets to help meet nutrient requirements, while helping manage blood sugar.
Can Glucerna products be used by people without diabetes?
People without diabetes can safely consume Glucerna products. Glucerna shakes and bars are specifically designed for people with diabetes or people trying to manage their blood sugar. Glucerna products are intended to be used under medical supervision as a part of a diabetes management plan.
Can Glucerna products be used by people with prediabetes?
Yes, all Glucerna products have been designed to help minimize blood sugar response and can help manage weight, when used as part of a diabetes management plan. Managing blood sugar response and weight are important for people with prediabetes. A health care professional has the primary responsibility to select the product most appropriate for a patient based on medical assessment.
Are Glucerna products good choices for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)?
For people with or without diabetes, Glucerna products should not be used to treat hypoglycemia, insulin shock, or insulin reaction because the carbohydrates from Glucerna do not elicit a large blood glucose response and would not help restore blood sugar. Talk to a health care professional about appropriate treatment options for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
Are Glucerna products appropriate for me if I have type 1 diabetes?
Glucerna products are appropriate for people with type 1 diabetes. It is important to monitor blood glucose regularly to see how Glucerna products affect insulin needs. Glucerna products contain blends of carbohydrates that are low glycemic to help minimize peaks in blood sugar. We encourage patients to discuss any changes with their health care professionals and, any specific weight loss goals.
Can Glucerna products be used as part of a person’s current diabetes meal plan?
Glucerna products should be incorporated into a person’s diabetes meal plan and overall management plan. Studies support the use of Glucerna in conjunction with a diabetes management plan.
When is the best time to use Glucerna products?
Use Glucerna products anytime to substitute meals or part of meals, or as snacks. Use Glucerna products as quick on-the-go breakfasts or bring them to work for convenient snacks or lunches. Glucerna products may also be used as nighttime snacks. Glucerna products may be used as a protein source before or after exercising. Products should be used under medical supervision as part of a diabetes management plan.
What are low glycemic carbohydrates?
The glycemic index measures how foods with carbohydrates raise blood glucose. Low-glycemic carbohydrates produce lower blood glucose responses than high-glycemic carbohydrates. Glucerna products are formulated to help minimize blood sugar spikes and contain unique blends of carbohydrates that include: modified maltodextrin (the body is not able to digest it), fructose (a low-glycemic carbohydrate), maltitol, soy fiber, and fructooligosaccharides (a prebiotic fiber). Ingredients will vary per product and flavor. Check individual product labeling for specific ingredient information.
What is galactosemia?
Galactosemia is a rare inherited disorder in which galactose builds up in the blood. Normally when a person consumes lactose (the sugar found in milk and milk products), the body first breaks down the lactose into half glucose and half galactose. Next, to change galactose into glucose, which the body can then use, several enzymes are needed. However, people with galactosemia are missing one of the enzymes that converts galactose to glucose, causing a buildup of galactose. Galactose is found in other foods and some drugs, but milk and milk products are the major source.
When used to replace a meal, are Glucerna shakes effective?
In today’s hectic world, trying to eat well can be overwhelming, especially for people who need to manage their blood sugar levels and weights. Poor food choices and skipping meals can inhibit these efforts.

Meal replacements can be helpful options for many individuals. The use of meal replacements is suggested by the American Diabetes Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a successful weight loss and weight management strategy.

Glucerna shakes can be used as meal or partial meal replacements, but the Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shake was specifically designed to replace a meal. In addition to providing slowly digesting carbohydrates, the Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shake contains 250 calories and 23g of protein to help manage hunger. Use under medical supervision as part of a diabetes management plan.
If patients are currently using Glucerna Shakes as meal replacements, should they switch to Glucerna Hunger Smart Shakes or Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shakes?
All Glucerna shakes can be used as meal or partial meal replacements. The Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shake was designed specifically to replace a meal. In addition to providing slowly digesting carbohydrates, the Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shake contains 250 calories and 23g of protein to help manage hunger. Use under medical supervision as part of a diabetes management plan.
Is Glucerna a medicine for blood sugar control?
Glucerna products are not medicine for blood sugar control. Glucerna products are diabetes-specific nutrition designed to help blunt postmeal blood sugar response. Glucerna products are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of people with diabetes.
Will using Glucerna products increase blood sugar levels?
Glucerna products are scientifically designed to help minimize blood sugar spikes. All Glucerna products provide energy from fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, compared to fat and protein, have the biggest impact on blood glucose levels. The carbohydrates in Glucerna were chosen for their low glycemic index, which helps minimize blood sugar spikes compared to high-glycemic carbohydrates.
How many dietary exchanges or carbohydrate choices are in a serving?
A Glucerna Shake and a 10-fl-oz Glucerna Hunger Smart Shake each provide one carb choice or, if using the exchange system, each shake provides 1 starch + 1 whole milk + 1 very lean meat. A 16-fl-oz Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shake provides 1.5 carb choice, or ½ starch + 1 whole milk + 2 very lean meats.
Do Glucerna products contain gluten or lactose?
Glucerna shakes are gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerance. Glucerna shakes are not for people with galactosemia.

Glucerna bars are not made with gluten-containing ingredients but may be made on the same manufacturing lines as bars that have gluten-containing ingredients. Glucerna bars do contain milk ingredients, which contribute a small amount of lactose. Please refer to the product label for the specific dairy ingredients in each bar flavor.
Do Glucerna shakes contain artificial sweeteners?
Yes, Glucerna shakes contain artificial sweeteners. See label for specific product information.
Are there sugar alcohols in Glucerna shakes? If so, which ones and how much?
Glycerin, a sugar alcohol, is an ingredient in Glucerna shakes. Glycerin is a low-glycemic carbohydrate. Like maltitol, glycerin is classified as a sugar alcohol. Unlike maltitol, which is only partially metabolized and provides two calories per gram, glycerin is completely metabolized and provides four calories per gram. This difference in metabolism is key to removing the risk for gastrointestinal side effects.
Do you recommend Glucerna products for patients with both diabetes and chronic renal failure?
The decision to use Glucerna products for anyone with a chronic kidney disease (CKD) ultimately rests with the nephrologist/health care professional who will assess the patient’s needs on an individual basis. Abbott Nutrition offers other options for people with CKD, such as Nepro® and Suplena®, to integrate into their management plans.
Are adjustments to insulin or oral agents necessary when starting Glucerna products?
Glucerna products are designed to minimize after-meal peaks in blood sugar. When starting Glucerna products, the dose or timing of insulin may need to be adjusted, and this adjustment must be individualized, under the supervision of a health care professional. People with diabetes should carefully monitor their blood glucose before, and two hours after, consuming Glucerna products to determine how their blood glucose is affected. Once they determine this effect, the dose and timing of injections can be adjusted as necessary. Consult a health care professional for guidance. Products should be used under medical supervision as part of a diabetes management plan.
Can Glucerna products be used during pregnancy for women with gestational diabetes?
Yes, studies have been completed with Glucerna products in a population of pregnant women with diabetes or with gestational diabetes. Nursing and pregnant women with diabetes should be aware of the vitamin and mineral content listed on the labels and discuss Glucerna usage with a health care professional when combined with other supplements (maternal vitamins and minerals) and daily food intake.
Can a child with diabetes use Glucerna products?
Glucerna products can be consumed by a child but are designed for adult nutrition needs. Consult a health care professional to help develop a plan incorporating Glucerna products.
Is the Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size (16 fl oz) a different formulation than Glucerna Hunger Smart (10 fl oz)?
The Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shake is different in formulation than the 10-fl-oz Glucerna Hunger Smart Shake. When compared on a per-ounce basis, the Meal Size shake contains fewer overall calories and carbohydrates than the 10-fl-oz shake, while maintaining protein levels.
How are Glucerna Mini Treat nutrition bars used?
Glucerna Mini Treat bars are tasty, convenient snacks for use as part of a diabetes management plan. Glucerna Mini Treats offer another option for people with diabetes to help manage their blood sugar at their snacking occasions. Glucerna Mini Treats contain blends of low-glycemic carbohydrates.
How much will Glucerna products cost at retail?
Final pricing of products in retail is at the discretion of the retailers. The Suggested Retail Pricing (SRP) is:

• Glucerna Shakes: $10.99 for six 8-fl-oz bottles

• Glucerna Hunger Smart Shakes: $10.99 for six 10-fl-oz bottles

• Glucerna Hunger Smart Meal Size Shakes: $10.99 for four 16-fl-oz tetra bottles

• Glucerna Snack Bars: $6.49 for five 40g bars

• Glucerna Mini Treats: $4.99 for six 20g bars
Will Glucerna Hunger Smart shakes be available for institutional customers to purchase?
Glucerna Hunger Smart shakes are intended to be retail products only and will not have special institutional pricing available.

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